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The lightweight innovative formula is result of science and technology. It combines Hi-Tech ingredients
with proven active efficacy:

EPS Seafill - marine exopolysaccharide lifts sagging skin and smoothes away wrinkles with a unique skin tensing system. The precious oil Lakesis magnifies expression of youth protein Klotho to renew density in the dermis. The very special Hyaluronic acid Cube³ significantly increases the mosturization, smoothness and elasticity. The snail caviar concentrate of the genus Helix Aspersa Maxima contains high content of collagene, elastin, proteins, amino acids and vitamins maintain skin cells in excellent condition and delay the aging processes.
Result: The Intense Moisturizer BeAdora nourishes skin and forms a delicate film, thus providing optimum in-depth skin hydration. It smooths fine lines and minimizes wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

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