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Bright Rose
Moisturizing Gel Concentrate

BeAdora Bright Rose Moisturizing Gel Concentrate is an active formula that intensely hydrates and retains moisture for a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. The soothing concentrate offers up to 24-hour of moisturization refining any skin care ritual. The precious enzyme extract of White Truffle
Essence increases skin elasticity, promotes skin hydration, delivers a filler effect and reduces fine wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid delivers optimal moisture to support healthy looking skin. The fragrant rose water softens and the rose oil additionally nourishes the cells. Enriched with soft cranberry spheres (a strong antioxidant), the product offers protection from environmental stress.
Recommended for
- Dry and mixed skin
- Uneven skin texture
- Loss of elasticity

Result: retains nonstop 24-hour moisture, giving skin a petal-soft finish.
For best results: Apply onto clean skin twice a day, morning and night. Follow with Velvety Day Cream or Sleeping Elixir.

Bright Rose
Velvety Day Cream

A lightweight day cream infused with nourishing rose flower oil, soothing rosewater and white truffle essence delivers intense 24-hour moisture for petal-soft skin.
Solutions for:
- Dryness
- Uneven texture
- Elasticity 
The lightweight formula of Velvety Day Cream significantly increases long term moisturization throughout the day. The unique ratio of ingredients guarantees superior performance while delivering a better feel and improving skin complexion.
The powerful enzyme extract of White Truffle Essence increases skin elasticity and reduces fine wrinkles. An advanced hyaluronic acids Cube3 helps to increase moisture for deep hydration to support healthy skin elasticity. Rosewater soothes while the precious bulgarian rose flower oil in combination with shea butter and oilve oil nourishes.

Result: This soothing day cream provides non-stop daily hydration and rejuvenation for petal soft skin. 
For best results: Apply to clean skin morning. Perfect for make-up base.

Bright Rose
Sleeping Elixir

Replenish your skin overnight with our rejuvenating waterless sleeping care BeAdora Rose! This luxurious formula is enriched with enzyme extract from the rare White Truffle that has a positive effect on the processes responsible for the anti-aging, regeneration and protection of the skin. This
elixir also contains a blend of nourishing oils (Bulgarian Rose Flower Oil, Moringa and Macadamia) and vitamins to tone and hydrate the skin. Topical application of oils is an essential component of age defying skincare. Oils provide the skin with key ingredients and improve the function of the lipid barrier which keeps the skin moist and hydrated. They have excellent spreadability, moisturizing and penetration properties that impart a pleasant smooth and non-greasy after effect. BeAdora Bright Rose Sleeping Elixir works wonders on the skin and is highly recommended for people
who want flawless and ageless skin.

Result: The regular application in the evening makes your skin brilliant in the morning.For best results: Apply the Sleeping Elixir in the evening onto clean skin and massage in with gentle strokes.

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