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Multiactive Eye Serum

We introduce you the skin soothing Skin Elixir that offers completely new feeling on the skin. 
Specially created with a distinctive cushiony...
The lightweight innovative formula is result of science and technology. It combines Hi-Tech ingredients 
with proven active efficacy...
This fine yet lightweight serum for the most delicate skin around the eyes works deeply to renew and firm eye 
contour skin. The powerful combination...

Restoring Night Cream

Lifting Age-Reverse Serum

This advanced nourishing and reviving night cream improves elasticity, tensile  strength and compressibility. 
It is formulated with an exclusive Lakesis oil...
Inspired by cutting-edge science and created by Hi-Tech technology, the Lifting Age-Reverse Serum 
BeAdora is so powerful that leaves your skin...
BеAdora Line – Activate the Gene of Youth in 28 Days

When the innovation meets the art and the experience, this is the creation of an exquisite fusion of refined textures with fascinating scent and unique effect on the skin.


Let us introduce to you our latest BeAdora brand, containing Lakesis, the first in the world anti - aging ingredient which reactivates Klotho gene of youth. Made from the resin of Mastic tree, Lakesis becomes a revolutionary ingredient, which is proven to increase cellular activity and reactivate detoxification processes. Successfully enhances dermal matrix regeneration. In 28 days the skin will look thicker and younger and the facial contour will be tight and renewed.




So rich and strong

Activate the Gene of Youth 


Patented Formula

Proven whitening effect


The White Truffle rare and powerful


For the first time in 2005, after continuous research, scientists identified the protein of youth Klotho, which is directly linked with aging of the cell. The decrease in Klotho expression starts very early during the ageing process: from roughly 30 years. More recently, scientists in Codif Laboratories extracting highly concentrated oil from crystal drops collected on Pistacia lentiscus, a tree which is native to the Island of Chios (Greece) and named it Lakesis. Researchers have shown that the highly innovative Lakesis reactivates the cellular detoxification process and cellular activity. Promotes redensification of dermal matrix. Skin seems younger and thicker. Facial contours appear to be redrawn.

Caviar Concentrate

Caviar Concentrate of the Helix Aspersa Maxima species delivers proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, phospholipids, polysaccharides and other humidifiers to nourish skin and form a delicate film, thus providing optimum skin hydration. Collagen and еlastin boost skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity and delay the aging process.


BEAUTIFEYE™ is a cosmetic agent of natural origin, composed of an extract of Albizia julibrissin recognised for its anti-glycation properties, and darutoside, extracted from Siegesbeckia orientalis, recognised for its dermis strengthening properties. Beautifeye is developed by Sederma Laboratories and is the first ingredient of its kind demonstrated to have a lifting action on the sagging upper eyelid. It treats the global contour of the eye: lifts the upper eyelid, reduces crow’s feet wrinkles, fades away dark circles and diminishes puffiness. 

CUBE³ is a new generation of hyaluronic acid, developed by the Swiss company Principium. 
It focuses on the efficacy screening and rapid action mechanism: penetrates quickly into the skin and enhanced skin penetration of active ingredients; immediately increases skin hydration and elasticity - even the first 30min after application; short term lifting effect.



EPS SEAFILL is a unique, pure and natural ExoPolySaccharide (EPS), produced by a marine plankton microorganism collected from the Mer d’Iroise off the coast of Brest in Brittany, France. Marine ExoPolySaccharides have no land based equivalent, they therefore represent a new and original source of molecules. Its high molecular weight fills in the furrows and smoothes out the relief of the skin. Clinical research proven that EPS SEAFILL provides the following cosmetic effects:
Tightening effect on the collagen fibre network
Immediate smoothing effect (15 min)
Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 min).






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